Guy Respaud - Painter Artist

GUY RESPAUD, French figurative painter of unquestionable vocation, introduces you to some of his paintings among more than 800 works. A vision of the modern world with a technique inspired of Flemish primitive painting.

Artiste peintre Guy Respaud 'Printemps de Gorky' thème : Faiblesse des hommesGuy Respaud is interested in everything, but he is passionate only for painting. Sure he stays in tune to everything that is going on in the world and he feels events so strongly and appreciates them in such a critical manner that he is inclined to be pessimistic about the future of man who is destroying our planet without the slightest concern for the future of our children and specially our grandchildren.
This explain his favourite themes, after condemning the “weaknesses” of his fellow men, but he also knows how to paint the woman because he loves women and when he paints motors cars it is because he wasArtiste peintre Guy Respaud 'Salut Benjamin' thème : Belles mécaniques “born in a garage” and he still feels a kind of nostalgia for the smell and sounds of antique cars..


Guy Respaud paints mostly on canvas and wood; on wood panels which have dried for over twenty years which considerably reduces the risk of damage due to ageing.
Often this paint on wood in treated with lacquer superposed with varnish, then sanded down at length to obtain a perfectly smooth surface which produces a very particular aspect to the work.
Artiste peintre Guy Respaud 'Chacun pense avec ce qu'il peût' thème : La Femme He paints using oil, sometimes using a mixed technique: oil paint and black lead.
He uses red sable paint brushes which allow smooth and accurate work and although he is often “accused” of painting with an aerograph he likes to insist that there has never been the slightest aerograph in his studio and that he has never used such a tool, although he often admires work carried out using an aerograph.


Respaud abhors wickedness; violence and injustice and what causes all this: STUPIDITY. He is allergic to what is gregarious and if he as a high opinion of freedom he is all the more opposed to bluff and carelessness. Artiste peintre Guy Respaud 'Le grain de sable' thème : Ma Vie Hence, like any language his painting has a precise content, he is quite the contrary of a “moralistic” being but he does often elucidate his solid and clear-cut views with humour.
What is true too is that whatever this exceptional artist undertakes it is strangely metamorphosed. A plain ear, an eye or a flower painted by Guy Respaud are both close to hyperrealism and to the surreal. All the more reason for the “thought” expressed, the anecdote told or a simple still life.
All this is assuredly a sign of strong personality, and of a very lonely man yet of infinite tenderness where it takes a nothing to hurt him and which haunts the passing time just like a flower is sufficient to fill him with joy. .